Adolph & Rose Levis JCC and the Marleen Forkas Camps continue to follow CDC, state and local guidelines to ensure the safety of every camper. Dates and activities are subject to change based on updates to guidelines.

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Summer 2021 FAQs

What are you doing to stay safe this summer?
In an effort to maintain everyone’s safety, we are taking extra precautions this summer. Campers and staff will be required to wear masks, and we will be doing daily temperature checks at carpool. Campers will be assigned to pod groups, which are a little smaller than our typical groups, and counselors will not be allowed to mix in any way with other groups. Directional arrows will control traffic flow inside of our facilities, so that no groups can intermingle throughout the day while transitioning from one activity to another. In addition, sharing of equipment will be limited as much as possible, and all equipment will be sanitized after each use.

In the event that medical attention is needed, there will be two nurse locations this summer. One will act as our triage center for any bumps, bruises or injuries that may happen at camp, and a second location will be for any campers that aren’t feeling well that day.

Parents will not be allowed to come on to campus.

How will morning drop off work?

Masks will be required by our campers upon arrival from carpool. Temperatures will be taken prior to campers exiting their cars, and they will then be brought to their group by their camp counselor. We will not be bringing them to Zinman Hall, but rather to their individual bunks.

Will there still be specialists?
Yes, specialists will be back and we’ll have all of our great activities like trapeze, art, science, basketball, flag football, archery and go-karts. However, in many instances, our specialists will visit the groups, maintaining social distancing, and our camp counselors will be the ones helping with the instruction and the projects/activities. Campers will still be going to the gym for basketball, out to the fields to play sports, and will get to do the trapeze, go-karts and archery.

What will lunch look like?
We will continue to serve lunch with our new kosher catering company King David. They will be delivering sealed meals every day to our campers. The campers will have an opportunity ahead of time to select their meals, and the counselors will take those meals back to their groups. We have added several outdoor covered eating areas as well, where campers can eat together in their pods while comfortably socially distancing without masks.

Will campers be traveling this summer?
Unfortunately, right now travel will not be happening this summer, however, we will be bringing a lot of entertainment back in to camp. It will be individualized by unit, so the units can social distance their pods within our auditorium, our gymnasium or outdoors on the field. In addition, to make up for missing travel, we are planning some night activities at the Center, overnight activities and even some long weekend sleepover activities for our teen camp.

What about Teen Travel (Manhigim)?
Manhigim, our teen camp, was basically a travel camp, so this summer, we’re going to get back to the basics for them. We will be bringing in more activities for them to do on campus. We’ve often heard requests for more sports, arts, dance, and outdoor fun activities like the trapeze and go-karts, so we are enhancing those activities with our specialists to be more teen oriented. For example, for fitness instead of doing obstacle courses like the rest of the camp, teens might be doing spin challenges or in the fitness center learning how to use the equipment. We will also be bringing in professional developmental programs for teens to explore throughout the summer in a fun way, with their peers trying alongside them.

Will there still be a Morning Show and Shabbat?
Morning Show and Shabbat will still be happening this summer, however, they will look different. While we cannot have the entire camp in Zinman Hall or the gymnasium, we can have one unit that can social distance their 4 to 6 pods in that space. That selected unit will be able to be in person for the Morning Show. Each camp unit will have their scheduled day to be in person at Morning Show. Shabbat will be celebrated in each bunk by pod.

Will campers still be swimming?
Yes, campers will be swimming, and the majority of our camper population will be getting swim instruction. Our pool is a training pool with 2 shallow ends that only gets deeper in the middle. We’ll be able to maintain social distancing, and have each camper group separated from others while receiving instruction.

Younger campers that aren’t strong swimmers, and can’t stand in the water alone or sit out for very long may only get free swim or water play. For those campers we will be more flexible in some of the offerings that they’ll have.

Still have more questions?
We welcome personal and virtual tours. Please continue to monitor our website for up to date changes. We can’t wait to see all of your smiling faces and are excited to have you all back at camp this summer!

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