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Savvy parents know that the very best information comes from friends, neighbors and peers. Hear all about the Levis JCC Zale Early Childhood Learning Center from those in the know.

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“The amount of knowledge that my child received this year is unbelievable, but not just knowledge, he learned how to become independent, how to behave in a group and how to listen….Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you do.”
~ Sarit


“If you are looking for a place where your children will be loved, educated, and nurtured—Betty & Marvin Zale is your only choice! The staff is warm and kind. I can’t imagine our lives without the Levis JCC. If you are in the market for preschool, mommy and me baby classes, after school care, or summer camp—you must check out the JCC. You won’t regret it!‎"
~ Anna


“From the moment that you enter the door of Betty and Marvin Zale Early Childhood Learning Center you are embraced by the warmth and caring environment. It has been truly incredible to experience bringing our 6 month old babies into Mommy & Me and through each day of love and learning we turn around and they become happy, eager and confident Zale graduates in front of our eyes.”
~ Allison


“In the past year, you have been one of the most important parts of Ethan’s maturity, growth, ability and success on every level. You have been a wonderful support to our entire family and we are all growing and learning how to allow him to be the best he can be."
~ Amer & Barbara


“Your persistence throughout the year with Sydney has allowed her to blossom into the little girl she truly wanted to be – warm, affectionate and playful. The unique perspective and exposure to the world in which we live has allowed Noah to thrive -- capturing his attention and setting him forth on his quest for knowledge. The foundations that you have given them will last a lifetime, of that I am certain.”
~ Suzie & Jon


“I want to thank you for the time and energy you devote to my children. They have genuinely thrived in your classroom more profoundly than I could have imagined.”
~ Shayna