Aquatics at the J - Powered by Happy Swimmers

Learn to swim and improve your skills in a nurturing, structured environment from experienced professional instructors. It takes 250 hours of water time for your child to become a strong swimmer, and most importantly, for you to have peace of mind in and around water. Open to the community. No membership required.


PRIVATE LESSONS (20 minutes)

Available and designed specifically for one swimmer to one teacher ratio.

Semi-private 20 minute lessons also available (2 children).

GROUP LESSONS (40 minutes)

NEW! Baby & Me Water Bonding Class (Parent & Child Level 1)

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Ages: 3-15 months and up to 30 months

Immerse yourself and your baby in a high energy, fun-filled class that will sing games and play songs so that your child can associate the pool with a fun experience with Mommy or Daddy. Our highly trained instructors will provide you with the tools to make your babies strong swimmers and improve both physical and cognitive development. It takes 250 hours of water time for your child to become a strong swimmer, and most importantly… for you to have piece of mind in and around water.

Located in the Levis JCC Heated Pool

Wednesdays, October 10 - November 28; 7 weeks

11:20 - 12:00 pm

First class free; Remaining 6 classes: $120

Baby Dolphins (Parent & Child Level 2)

Ages: 16-30 months

You have successfully bonded with your baby for more than 150 hours in water. This class will continue to showcase accelerated skills that go along with a wide selection of games and songs. Through the progression and development of this class, babies will learn to understand and respect the water. They will realize their limits and slowly reach Aquatic Independence.

Guppy (3-4 kids per class)

Ages: 30 months - 3 year…Turning 3’s

This class is for the precocious and daring toddler that can play in the class without mommy or daddy. This child has successfully gained enough strength and coordination to take a breath in the water. The child has advanced language skills and has been in our program at least 3 seasons.

Tumbling Minnows (3-5 students per instructor)

Ages: 3-4’s Group

This exciting group enables children to swim independently from the parent. Students are exposed to essential safety skills: jumping, diving, dog paddling, crawl, floating, swimming to the bottom, and swimming on their back. You’ll love the “dolphin” and “froggy” strokes too!

Acrobatic Sharks (5-6 students per instructor)

Ages: 5-6 years old

Ready for kindergarten and first grade, children learn safety and fun skills as well as real stroke technique. These children learn to love swimming with the fun and games of freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly lessons.

Strokin’ Dolphin (4-8 students per instructor)

Ages: 7 years and older

At this level, the swimmers will advance significantly in their diving, freestyle, backstroke and turning techniques. All of them learn breast stroke and butterfly. Students advancing beyond beginner and intermediate levels go to the Strokin’ Seals.

Strokin’ Seals (10-12 students per instructor)

Ages: 8 years old & Older

These children have grown with their group of swimming “friends.” Now, they have a great time every season until they are ready to join a Swim Team or continue to swim for fitness. At this level, swimmers advance significantly in diving, freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, and turning techniques. We adapt classes for beginner, intermediate, and more advanced swimmers.


Our Adult Program caters to different levels of swimmers, from apprehensive to competitive. With one on one instruction and the J hours of practice in between lessons, you will be swimming before you know it! Our adult classes include the following: Learn to swim, Triathlon and Competitive.