What's for Lunch?

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CLAUDINE EDELSTEIN | Director, Early Childhood, Marleen Forkas Camp | 561-852-3294 | claudinee@levisjcc.org

No need to pack a lunch! All children attending full day camp programs enjoy a delicious selection of hot, well balanced kosher meals with salad (as well as snacks) daily. Even the pickiest eaters find something to tempt their appetites – and most enjoy tasting new and exciting menu items.

Lunch is an important part of the day. It gives us energy for afternoon activities, and a chance to socialize with our bunkmates.

Whether it’s a dairy day or a meat day, there are always additional items alongside the main course.  Our chef is creative and always provides new and exciting options to our meals. Homemade is the key…from mac and cheese to stir-fry to baked chicken fingers and so much more. A BBQ for Fourth of July, falafel and hummus for Israeli day, lunch often reflects what’s happening in camp. Fruit and vegetables round out the meal. Everything is always fresh… no canned fruit for us!

We are a peanut aware campus. That means we do not serve anything that contains nuts or that was processed on equipment that had nuts on it. Soy butter, with or without jelly, replace the traditional peanut butter sandwiches.

Snack is available either mid-morning or late afternoon depending upon the lunch schedule. Choices vary from fresh fruit, chips/pretzels, cookies or ice pops.