Community Partners Program

A partnership with the Levis JCC provides an opportunity to reach our dynamic community of both young families and active mature adults, gaining exposure to thousands of individuals who regularly participate in Levis JCC programs, activities and events, as well as to the broader community at large. Partnering with the Levis JCC is a solid business decision, rewarding both personally and professionally – it strengthens your business and our community.

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Collaborate With Us

Working together, the Levis JCC can help you showcase your business to our community through a variety of exciting opportunities. Major, large scale events are an excellent way to reach a broad audience, while sponsorships of smaller events and/or specific programming is an effective strategy to target market your business.

Learn more about our reach and how you can reach thousands at the Levis JCC through these opportunities:

Our Valued Community Partners

Through the generosity of our robust Community Partners program, the Adolph & Rose Levis Jewish Community Center is able to continuously offer the highest quality programs and services for individuals of all ages and abilities.

Join the impressive list of our valued Community Partners who understand the value of giving back.

Connect. Reach. Strengthen. Collaborate. Benefit.

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