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Our 2021-2022 Season will be a hybrid of both virtual and in person programs. Virtual programs will be streamed via Zoom and in person programs will be at the Levis JCC Sandler Center with masks required and socially distant protocols in place.

Authors, educators, and experts in their field on a wide variety of topics from politics, current events, and historical figures to health and wellness, and entertainment; numerous lectures will be offered.

Please note all times listed are Eastern time; register for all programs using the link below unless otherwise noted in the program description.

Individual Lectures: $18, Gold & Gold Plus Members: $12, Platinum Members: Free (unless noted)
Virtual programs are free for all virtual members, $10 for non-virtual members (unless noted)

If you need assistance purchasing tickets or membership, call the Box Office at 561-558-2520.


Generously underwritten by Marlene* & Herb* Levin and Nina & Martin Rosenzweig
*Of Blessed Memory

Lecture Series 2021-22

Programs are presented virtually via Zoom or in person at the Levis JCC Sandler Center as noted below.

Monday, August 23, 3:00 pm
Macbeth Reimagined with Margery Marcus, PhD

via Zoom
All the fascinating ways in which Shakespeare’s Macbeth has been reinterpreted.

Monday, August 30, 3:00 pm
Barbara Walters: News Trailblazer with Rose Feinberg, PhD

via Zoom
Learn about her early life, marriages, affairs, challenges, and career.

Memory Matters: Memory Retention and Brain Fitness
with Barbara S. Klau, M.S.
A Four Part Series
Weekly on Mondays
October 4, 11, 18, 25, 10:00 am

via Zoom
Pick up some fun, interactive, and challenging memory enhancement strategies that will help you feel more empowered and sharp.
FREE for all virtual members, For non-members: 4-week session: $75
Sponsored by Boca Raton Regional Hospital Foundation

Monday, October 4, 3:00 pm
Marc Bookman, A Descending Spiral: Exposing the Death Penalty in 12 Essays

via Zoom
Death penalty cases continue to capture the public’s attention. Marc Bookman has the first hand knowledge of America’s “injustice system” to bring death penalty stories to life. With a voice that is both literary and journalistic, the veteran capital defense lawyer and author exposes the dark absurdi-ties and fatal inanities that undermine the logic of the death penalty wherever it still exists.

Monday, October 11, 3:00 pm
Oprah & Martha Stewart with Rose Feinberg, Ph.D.

at the Levis JCC Sandler Center

Monday, October 18, 3:00 pm
The Royals' Family Feud with Margery Marcus, Ph.D.

at the Levis JCC Sandler Center

Monday, October 25, 3:00 pm
Why Can’t You Understand What I Am Saying? with Andy Greenberg

at the Levis JCC Sandler Center

Tuesday, October 26, 3:00 pm
Travel with Charlotte Temple: Machu Picchu and the Amazon Rainforest

via Zoom

Wednesday, October 27, 7:30 pm
Robert Watson, An Unknown, Shocking Story from the Civil War

at the Levis JCC Sandler Center

$25 for each lecture, Gold Members: $20, Platinum Members: Free

November 8, 10, 16, 7:30 pm
Robert Watson, The Glorious Burden: A to Z; All Things Presidential A 3 Part Series

at the Levis JCC Sandler Center

$25 for each lecture, Gold Members: $20, Platinum Members: Free

Monday, November 8, 3:00 pm
American Baby: A Mother, a Child, and the Shadow History of Adoption with Gabrielle Glaser

via Zoom
In this meticulously researched book, Gabrielle Glaser gives a detailed and empathetic portrait of adoption in twentieth-century America. She explores the shocking truth about postwar adoption in America, told through the bittersweet story of one teenager, the son she was forced to relinquish, and their search to find each other.

Monday, December 6, 3:00 pm
Joanne Goldblum, Broke in America: Seeing, Understanding, and Ending U.S. Poverty

via Zoom
Social worker Goldblum, founder of the National Diaper Bank Network, and journalist Colleen Shaddox deliver an illuminating account of what poverty looks like in America and how it is perpetuated by a broken system. They offer not just a critique but suggest potential policy solutions. Enriched with revealing statistics and vivid personal stories, this is a valuable resource in the fight against poverty.

Monday, January 10, 3:00 pm
Claudia Kalb, Spark: How Genius Ignites, From Child Prodigies to Late Bloomers

via Zoom
Spotlighting icons past and present, Kalb explores how and when inspiration strikes among prodigies, midlifers, and late bloomers. What propels some individuals to reach extraordinary creative heights in the earliest years of life while others discover their passions decades later? Through engaging storytelling and deep reporting, Spark unravels the relationship between brains, talent, passion, creativity, willpower, and imagination.

Thursday, January 20, 1:00 pm
Anne Sebba, Ethel Rosenberg: An American Tragedy

via Zoom
In June 1953, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, a couple with two young sons, were led separately from their prison cells on Death Row and electrocuted moments apart. Both had been convicted of conspiracy to commit espionage for the Soviet Union, despite the fact that the evidence against Ethel was shaky at best and based on the perjury and much new evidence has surfaced since then.

Monday, January 31, 7:30 pm
Ira Rosen, Ticking Clock: Behind the Scenes at 60 Minutes

at the Levis JCC Sandler Center

Peabody and Emmy Award winning writer and producer Ira Rosen reveals the intimate, untold stories of his decades at America’s most iconic news show. For nearly twenty-five years, Ira Rosen has pro-duced some of the most memorable, important, and groundbreaking stories for 60 Minutes.

Tuesday, February 1, 7:30 pm
Lise Pearlman, The Lindbergh Kidnapping Suspect No. 1: The Man Who Got Away

via Zoom
The book revisits the 1932 kidnapping/murder of Charles Lindbergh, Jr. and suggests a shocking solution never before considered by any author. The evidence laid out in the book exonerates Bruno Richard Hauptmann, the immigrant executed for the crime, and instead implicates Lindbergh himself. Through this page-turner the author describes an elaborate hoax and educates readers on its sociopolitical context.

Thursday, February 17, 1:00 pm
Uri Adoni, The Unstoppable Startup: Mastering Israel's Secret Rules of Chutzpah

via Zoom
When it comes to startup success, one country stands out: Israel. Even though it is a relatively small country, Israel has one of the highest concentrations of startups in the world, the highest venture capital per capita and is one of the top countries in terms of the number of companies listed on NAS-DAQ. Uri Adoni goes behind the scenes to explain the principles and practices that can make any startup, anywhere in the world, become an unstoppable one.

Tuesday, March 1, 7:30 pm
Tracy Walder, The Unexpected Spy: From the CIA to the FBI, My Secret Life Taking Down Some of the World's Most Notorious Terrorists

via Zoom
This is the incredible true story of a Jewish American woman who was recruited by the CIA out of her college sorority. On 9/11 she was tracking terrorists with President Bush, Vice President Cheney or Secretary of State Powell looking over her shoulder. Driven to stop the new breed of terror that war created, Walder picked up her alias identity, flew overseas, and continued the hunt. She would eventually move over to the FBI where she faced rampant sexism. The Unexpected Spy is a powerful memoir about a woman who made a career in a male-dominated field and what she’s taken away from it now that she’s no longer in government service.

Thursday, March 10, 1:00 pm
Gwen Strauss, The Nine: The True Story of a Band of Women Who Survived the Worst of Nazi Germany

via Zoom
The Nine follows the true story of the author’s great aunt who led a band of heroic young female resistance fighters as they escaped a German labor camp and made a ten-day journey across the front lines from Germany back to Paris. They were subjected to a series of French prisons, torture and deported to Germany. By the time they were enslaved at the labor camp, they were a close-knit group of friends. During the final days of the war, forced onto a death march, the nine made a daring escape. Drawing on incredible research, this powerful narrative is a moving tribute to the power of humanity and friendship in the darkest of times.

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