Zale Field Day Fundraiser 2022

Be a part of our Zale Field Day Fundraiser – a series of events surrounding an amazing day of outdoor field events for all Zale classes! Proceeds benefit the Zale playgrounds; our beautiful spaces where children can run, play and let their imaginations take over.

Help us reach our goal of $15,000!
Ways to participate:

Donate to the Zale Playground Fund

Purchase a Field Day Yard Sign ($108)
Your family decorates the yard sign which will be placed on our Zale fence line!

Purchase a Field Day Pennant ($18)
Decorate a pennant which will hang on our Zale fence!

General Donation
We happily accept donations made by credit card below or check made out to Levis JCC and indicate in the memo Zale Playground Fund. (We don’t pay any fees for direct offline donations!!) 

Purchase Here »

Set up a Zale Field Day Fund Hub
Fundraising page for your child:

Zale families create an individual fundraising link which can be shared by email or on social media. Parents, family and friends participate by sponsoring their child and sharing their “Donate” page.

  1. Visit
  2. Click the green button to “Register as a Parent”
  3. Copy and paste the School Identifier: 5e42d2cb60b8a
  4. Add your child to their current School Event & personalize their webpage!
  5. Make an online donation using the red Donate button now!
  6. Share with friends and family via social media.

Join in the fun to get ready for the event:

Pep Rally on the Playground

February 27, 10:30-11:30 am
Join us for popsicles on the Zale playground and celebrate our Zale Field Day Fundraiser. See friends, enjoy our beautiful outdoor space, set up your Field Day webpage and purchase/decorate a “Family Yard Sign” or pennant.
All proceeds for the Levis JCC Zale Field Day benefit the Zale Playground Fund

Take Out, Give Back Nights

  • February 16: Lazy Dog
  • February 23: Blaze Pizza
  • March 2: Jeremiah’s Italian Ice

Weekly Wacky Wednesday Dress Up Days for Zale

  • February 16: Favorite Sports Team
  • February 23: Silly Sock Day
  • March 2: Class Color Day


When Zale Field Day donations reach $2500, our Admin Superstars Team will put on their fins and goggles and perform on the splash pad!

100% class participation in registering your child for the Zale Field Day fundraiser. If everyone in your class has registered and has a webpage, we challenge those classroom teachers to perform and sing Frozen!

Tutu and Ties Tuesday 2.22.22: If every child in the class has a donation of any amount on the website or in person donation, your classroom teachers will participate in Tutu and Ties Tuesday!

When Zale Field Day donations reach $10,000 our Admin Superstars Team will participate in the Packing Peanuts or Ice Bucket Challenge!!

Thank You to Our Sponsors