Zale Preschool Essentials 2022-2023

Please use this online form to fill in the quantities and totals for the items you wish to purchase for the 2022-2023 school year. YOU MUST COMPLETE A SEPARATE FORM FOR EACH CHILD. 

All items will be delivered to your child's classroom. Not all items are available for purchase now and you will be notified when they are available to purchase during the school year.

Resting Mat

PLEASE NOTE: The Florida Department of Health requires all children staying in school past 1:00 pm to rest on a 1 inch thick, vinyl resting mat. Due to supply chain issues, Zale is no longer selling resting mats. Please ensure you have one delivered to school prior to the first full day.


Zale Challah - Year

Help your family celebrate Shabbat weekly! Fresh challah is available for purchase for the school year. One time price for the entire school year, beginning August 26, 2022. Purchased challah will be sent home with your child each Friday. If your child is not in school, your challah will be frozen until they return unless other arrangements are made.

Additional Zale Child T-shirt

All Zale children will receive one free t-shirt. Share your school spirit and purchase an additional 100% cotton Zale t-shirt. T-shirts are available in size XS (4) & S (6).

Zale Hot Lunch

Our dining plan offers nutritious Kosher lunches every day of the week through FLIK Catering. Lunch options are delivered to your child’s classroom and include protein, vegetable and fresh fruit options. FLIK prepares foods from whole fresh ingredients, limiting the use of processed foods and avoiding products containing artificial colors, flavorings, M.S.G., preservatives, and high levels of sodium. They feature organic, local fruits and vegetables as availability allows! You can select lunch daily by the semester or for the entire school year and save!

Tuesday and Thursday (meat) menu will rotate proteins including baked chicken strips, hamburgers and pasta with meat sauce. Monday, Wednesday and Friday (dairy) menu will rotate proteins including macaroni & cheese, grilled cheese, cheese quesadillas, baked ziti and pizza. Additional NEW menu items coming soon. Menus are provided at the beginning of each month and are posted online at

No hot lunch on 10/4 (noon dismissal). Hot lunch option is only available for children who stay past 12:00 p.m. Due to food ordering, we are not able to honor requests on a week-to-week basis. Hot lunch is served August 22, 2022 through May 18, 2023.