January 2018

Mr. Colman,

I wanted to personally express my gratitude to the staff working at the Levis JCC Retail Boutique, as they recently went above and beyond any call of service to assist me in a time of great need. With their help - especially that of Eric Goldman - I was able to regain the appearance of a man once again ready and able to enter the workforce. This is no small thing, and it gave me the confidence I needed to pursue a brighter, better future. When I do succeed in obtaining a new job - which I no longer doubt that I will - I know that I will owe much of it to the staff of Levis JCC Retail Boutique, and for that, I will be forever grateful.

Sincerely, Ari S.

March 2018

Hi Eric,

It’s Lori L., Matthew’s mom, (first and foremost) and Chair, JCC Special Needs Dept. I understand that Matthew and another student from Unicorn Village Academy are doing well at your amazing Resale Boutique. I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving them this wonderful opportunity. I appreciate all your patience and kindness. Matthew cannot wait to come every Monday. He and Anthony love it!! I appreciate all you and your staff do to make them comfortable and welcome.

All the best, Lori

March 2018

The new store is beautiful. Good wishes for great success. I went to the back of the building to make my donation and empty out my trunk. Good news...the woman could not have been nicer. She thanked me and was very pleasant. I even mentioned to her that she was so nice and she said that she wants to do a good job. I knew that you would appreciate hearing good news as well as negative.

Elaine F.

April 2018

Good Afternoon Eric,

I wanted to personally thank you so much for the stuffed animals for the residents at our shelter location. It is my understanding that the kids loved them! I have a picture of me holding them before I loaded them up to go to the shelter. Thank you again and we look forward to seeing you all again!

Thank You, Lindsey F., Program Assistant, Aid to Victims of Domestic Abuse, Inc.

April 2018

Hi Eric,

Just wanted to send you a note thanking you for all of the work you are doing with our candidates. We received a message from Ari’s manager that he is doing great in his job. I think having the right clothes made him feel more confident. You also went above and beyond in offering encouragement and support. Also, a very big thank you for hiring Candy. She is beyond thrilled to be joining your team. The work you are doing is truly changing lives and we feel so lucky to be able to partner with you. We look forward to sending you more candidates.

Best, Whitney C., LCSW, VP of Career & Employment Services, Ruth & Norman Rales Jewish Family Services, Inc.

April 2018

Thank you so much for your donation to Fair Oaks Pavilion Psychiatric hospital. We appreciate your willingness to help the mentally ill population that we serve many of which are homeless. The walkers will be used to provide uninsured and homeless patients with medical equipment when ordered by a physician. In addition to the clothes and personal items that were donated, we want to thank Eric Goldman and Barbara Siegel particularly for their immense compassion and generosity for this underserved population. We appreciate your continued community partnership with our organization.

Sincerely, Patricia S., RN, BSN MA, Case Management, Fair Oaks Pavilion

May 2018


I wanted to thank you and your staff again for all of their generosity and support. Today's pickup will make a great deal of difference, as I was literally running out of things to wear. You can only wash shirts so many times before they come apart, after all. Again, words cannot adequately express the appreciation I have for everything you and your organization have done for me.

Sincerely, Ari S.

August 2018

Randy, I wanted to take a moment to let you know how inspired I was when I met Eric. Eric showed me humor, compassion, grace, and empathy in a stressful situation. When I left the store I felt empowered by such a person in such a role doing so much for so many. I wanted to take the time to let you know what an incredible man he is, and how lucky I was to meet him.

Sincerely, Eric L., CES Candidate

August 2018

The Resale Boutique will now be working with the ican living and learning organization. They will provide vocational rehab workers to volunteer here as well as some internships at no cost to us.

September 2018

I can't tell you how very nice it was to meet you, and it's encouraging to see that there are people like you in this rather "different" world of ours. As for the Electric Scooter, it really would not be of use, since it is not movable. Just want you to know how very heartwarming it was to meet you, and your offer to donate the scooter, was unbelievably and most appreciated. God Bless you and yours, and all the work you do. You are an unforgettable and kind person!

Mary D.

April 2019

My name is Gregg Schorr. Due to injuries I suffered as a result of a auto accident that occurred in June 2018, I have found it necessary to take advantage of several of the different resources offered through The Federation and JFS. The purpose of this email is to make you aware of the experience I had today dealing with Mr. Eric Goldman at the resale boutique. I was sent to Mr. Goldman by one of the representatives at JFS Career & Employment Services who has been assisting me in getting back into the work-force.

I found Mr. Goldman to be extremely professional and attentive. While I was in the store he was being pulled in many directions by customers and employees, yet he consistently managed to check in on my search for some work clothes. He worked with me on sizing, selection, coordinating etc ( I have ZERO sense of style). After we gathered the clothes he made a call to the men's salon in the plaza and arranged for me at no cost to have a professional haircut and hot straight shave. I walked out of the salon with my new clothes looking and feeling ready to get me back into the work force.

Mr. Goldman was a pleasure to work with and is a GREAT front man for your organization.

Thanks again,
Gregg Schorr