Personal Training

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Six Reasons You Need A Personal Trainer

  1. Motivation and Accountability: Getting into the gym requires motivation. A Personal Trainer provides you with structure, accountability, motivation and encouragement.
  2. Tailored Program for You: Personal Trainers tailor a fitness program specifically for you, evening work with your physician or healthcare provider to ensure that you reach your goals safely and effectively.
  3. Performing Your Workout Correctly: Personal Trainers will recommend exercises that will work for you and your body type, ensuring that you are not set up to injure yourself.
  4. Results Driven Training and Progress Tracking: Sometimes you may find that you are not achieving results. A Personal Trainer can help you adjust your fitness routine and diet to better work toward your goals.
  5. Safety: Personal Trainers are there to guide you and determine whether you are pushing yourself beyond your ability or not working to your potential.
  6. Refreshing New Routines: Sometimes our routines can become redundant or stale. A Personal Trainer creates new ideas for your routine to keep it exciting, sharpen your mental focus and keep you interested.

Our Personal Trainers

Krystin Weiss, Linda Coulson, Dana Clarfield, Shannon Casey, Naama Merdinger


  • 1/2 Hour Sessions
    Single: $32, Package of 5: $145, Package of 10: $269
  • 45 Minute Sessions
    Single: $47, Package of 5: $225, Package of 10: $425
  • 1 Hour Sessions
    Single: $60, Package of 5: $275, Package of 10: $499