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Learning occurs when children participate in language activities, pre-reading and math games, songs, construction, drama and experimentation. It is through these exciting experiences that children develop important cognitive, motor and social skills. It is important to keep in mind that children, despite their chronological ages, may acquire skills at different times. Our curriculum builds the skills that are necessary for children to become problem solvers, successful students and lifelong learners. Every learning experience is designed to meet one or more of you child’s four areas of development; social/emotional, cognitive, physical and cultural.

Language, Development,
Early Literacy & Writing

Language development is a critical part of your child’s development. It supports his or her ability to communicate, to become a critical thinker and problem-solver, and lays the foundation for reading and writing skills. Activities that develop rhyme and rhythm, build vocabulary, increase phonological awareness, encourage comprehension skills and support decoding skills play a vital role in later achievement in reading.


Science, Math, Sensory & Art

Integrated activities in science and math (including numbers, patterns, shapes, organizational skills and more) encourage the recognition of problems, investigation, experimentation and answering questions. Sensory and art encourage creativity and allow children to explore, illustrate and construct concepts they are learning.


Outdoor Learning: Garden, Splash Pad, Playgrounds and Nature Preserve

Outdoor learning allows children to enjoy the great outdoors, exercise, run free and play! Children need to see, be a part of, and explore nature. Our beautiful Ryan F. Zackon Family Playground, garden, water splash pad and surroundings provide them the opportunities and open spaces to climb, run, ride trikes, swing, throw a ball, garden, and more!


The Madison Aron Brody Library & Storytime

Through stories, children are able to learn more about life, the world, and themselves. Storytime builds vocabulary and exposes a more sophisticated use of language. Children learn to listen, comprehend details, settle their bodies, focus, and follow instructions. All of these skills are crucial for school readiness. Our beautiful library allows teachers to check out books for their own classroom libraries.


Music, Movement & Israeli Dancing

A wide variety of music and movement activities improves rhythm, memory, cognitive development, learning skills, expressive ability, and group learning. They enable children to practice social skills such as taking turns and cooperation while building a love of Jewish and Israeli heritage.


Mindful Moments & Yoga

Our Two’s through Pre-K classes feature Intentional “Mindful Moments” that take place during morning circle time and continue throughout the day. These techniques teach children how they can set themselves up for a successful day and how they can become focused and centered, important self-care and self-regulation skills. Yoga classes increase body awareness and mindfulness, and help children learn about their bodies and the movements they are capable of doing.


Judaics Program

Our Judaics program introduces the Jewish holidays through stories, song, and integrated learning activities. Zale celebrates weekly Shabbat and teaches Jewish values, prayers, and builds a love for Israel.


Physical Education

Early childhood is the ideal time for acquiring fundamental motor skills as children build the basic movement abilities that are the foundation for physical spatial body awareness and more complex skills. Our indoor gymnasium and age appropriate activities and equipment improve strength, flexibility, and endurance while developing motor skills.


Curriculum Overview for
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